On your terms, at your house

HobbyBox.Club solves three of needlecraft's greatest problems:

  1. What should my next project be?
  2. How do I step outside of my comfort zone?
  3. Where do I get my materials from reliably?

Founded by the same team behind one of the most established needlecraft stores in Newquay (Cornwall), HobbyBox.Club brings needlecraft directly to your door, regularly, with the excitement of not knowing what project comes next.

HobbyBox.Club has access to the latest products from the greatest needlecraft brands in the UK, ensuring the products you receive are well known and of a high standard.

Every month the team curates a mix of new lines, and those trusted "go to" ranges, with a selection of new creative patterns and ideas, in order to keep those needles clattering away for another month.

Whether your tipple on a Friday evening is a bit of crochet, some knitting for the soon-to-be-borns, sewing to pass the time, or quilting ready for next winter, there's something for everyone!

Teat yourself. You know you're worth it.

From as little as £21.24 per month, there's something for everyone.

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Our Team

You might imagine that such an operation requires huge warehouses and teams of staff? You'd be wrong - we're a small knit operation, delivering crafts in volume to the whole country.

  • Tracey

    Chief of Needles

    With the overall responsibility for the curation, Tracey has a special talent for bringing our boxes to life and ensuring that every month surprises, delights, and keeps you entertained.

  • Anthony

    Head of Crayons

    Anthony is responsible for the creative stuff and logistics - getting our boxes and adverts in front of you, and to you. You'll often find him chuckling about his most recent knitting pun on social media...

  • Rachel

    Tissue Paper Team Leader

    The precise packed nature of our boxes falls to Rachel - every fold of the tissue paper, every placement of the yarn is her responsibility and it's taken very seriously. Anthony and Tracey even have a picture guide of how to pack...