Carbon Impact

At the front of our mind

Being based in Cornwall, we know the importance of keeping our planet clean for current and future generations - we've some of the cleanest beaches in the UK and we like to keep them that way. We wouldn't be very good role models for the behaviours we expect of visitors to our local beauty spots, if we weren't conscious of the impact we have to the planet as a business.

It's really easy for companies to make these claims but we want to show you what we do, so you know it's not just some marketing spin with a vague commitment. We know we aren't perfect, and there's always areas for improvement, but we do care about this. If you've questions, or further suggestions, we're always keen to hear from you - so drop us a line.

Technology / Hosting

Greenpeace estimates that by 2025, technology companies could consume as much as 20% of the world's electricity, and we don't want to be part of that statistic!

We searched high and low for a close-to-home business, that also has a commitment to renewable green energy sources. We eventually found Katapult who are now our provider of choice, because of their absolute commitment to powering 100% of their services using clean energy. We literally couldn't find a better provision!


You wouldn't expect just paying could have a carbon overhead, would you? Well, it can - payments are powered by huge technology companies and ensuring they've committed to being carbon negative is important to us! Our payments partner, Stripe has done just this and we're proud of them!

We're also a partner of Stripe Climate, so we too can contribute towards emerging climate removal technologies. Driven by an enthusiastic board, 1% of revenue from orders placed on our site goes directly into funding these initiatives.

Printed Materials

As with any business, we produce marketing material for generating business and revenue, so that's why any printed materials are 100% recyclable in all scenarios, and made from recycled materials where possible. Our suppliers are aligned to our commitment and work hard to measure their own impact on sustainability.


We don't actively use plastics in our packaging - we don't see the point in those packing peanuts, or plastic wrap, especially since it can't be recycled! So we thought about the footprint of our shipments: our boxes are cardboard, and we secure them with kraft tape; goods are wrapped in a minimal amount of tissue paper; and our packing note is printed on recycled kraft paper.

Whilst we'd love for every single customer to participate in a recycling scheme (our packaging can be recycled), at the very least our packaging is biodegradable.


Deliveries are always a tough subject, because deliveries by their very nature generate a lot of carbon overhead. We don't just find a courier who 'offsets emissions' by allowing us to pay a little extra, we work with couriers who have commitments to reducing their carbon footprints, and actively demonstrate their willingness to do so. We'd love to see 100% electronic fleets for couriers, but we aren't there yet - and those couriers that are ahead of the pack, pass those overheads onto their customers with considerable markup.

This is an area we'll continue to improve on - we aren't afraid of voting with our feet and changing suppliers when we want to see bigger impacts.


Whilst primarily an online based business, we do share a retail unit with another business (where we pack and distribute your orders). They're currently using EDF Energy for business, with a locked-in 4 year contract. For now, we're happy enough that EDF have a higher renewable sources mix (87%) than the average UK mix (54%), but we're confident we can do better and find a company that relies on more truly clean, green, energy, when our current agreement ends - so watch this space!