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Terms and Conditions - 1.0 - 1st Feb 2021

The legal stuff

These legal terms (English law applies and disputes will be settled by English courts) are between you and HobbyBox.Club Limited (HobbyBox.Club/HBC/us/we) and you agree to them by registering for, and placing orders via, our website.

This policy sits alongside our Privacy Policy - you should read that to understand how we process your personal data.

How to contact us ?

You can contact us via the live chat service on our website, over the phone (0330 229 0304), or over email (

If you wish to write to us, you can do so at: HobbyBox.Club, 4a Chesterton Place, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 2RU

How we'll contact you ?

We'll contact you via the email registered to your HobbyBox.Club account, or via letter to your home address.  We will only ever contact you via phone when this is pre-arranged.

You agree to us using your information ?

By accepting these terms (in conjunction with our privacy policy), you agree to us using your information in order to fulfil the orders that you place.  If you are no longer happy for us to use your information, we will have to terminate your membership.  However, where we have a legal basis to do so, we will retain your data for the period required.

Placing Orders ?

We cannot accept orders over the phone
Our team will not be able to take payment for an order over the phone, nor can they set up a subscription.  Please use the self-service tools available, in order that you receive the correct information relating to your purchase.

You can place single (one-off) orders via our website
These orders require an upfront payment of the full amount.  The amount you must pay will be clearly indicated at our checkout. We will not process orders where funds have not cleared, or where our payment partner identifies them as risky or potentially fraudulent.

You can set up recurring (subscription) orders via our website
Subscriptions require the first month to be paid in full, at the point of creation.  Future payments will be withdrawn from your payment method on, or around, the cut-off date.  The regular monthly date is made clear at the checkout.  Every payment must clear in full, as orders will not be processed until they are.  If our payment partner raises any concerns for any payment in a subscription, remaining orders may not be accepted.

We may cancel your orders (one-off or subscription), if:

  • Our payment partner asks us to
  • Your payment bank asks us to
  • The address provided is not valid, and cannot be delivered to
  • You ask us to cancel your order

Delivering your goods ?

We will, at all times, aim to meet any estimated delivery dates that we provide.  Our standard dispatch time is 10 days after the cut-off, with a further 3 - 5 delivery timeframe.  We will always contact you where this might not be possible, clearly explaining why, and providing you with alternative forms of recourse to receive your goods.

If our delivery partner advises that your address is invalid, we may not be able to deliver to your property.  We may be able to rectify basic address mistakes, but for fraud prevention reasons we cannot ship orders to addresses that are fundamentally different from the one provided at checkout.

If you wish to change your address, please contact our team to discuss this.  We may require proof of the address change for future orders.

Cancellations ⛔️

You can cancel an order up to the cut-off date.  After this date, we cannot cancel orders, as our boxes are curated-to-order and to meet the tight timescales, many of our processes are automated.  You can request cancellation via your account dashboard at any point, and the date from which this will take effect will clearly be displayed.

If you wish to pause your subscription, the same terms apply.

Returns ?

Customers have the right to advise that items are not fit for purpose, or damaged, on receipt.  As boxes are curated-to-order we cannot offer outright returns for customers.  If you are unhappy with your box, you can contact the team to discuss your options.

Refunds ?

Where items are defective, damaged, or not fit for purpose, our team will discuss your options, and confirm these in writing.  Where single items are damaged, customers will be offered a partial refund or a replacement.  Where entire shipments are damaged, we will offer a full refund or, where possible, a replacement.

In all scenarios, we require photographic evidence of the damage being claimed.

When we offer rewards ?

As a club, we like to reward our members, so we may offer rewards for taking actions within your account dashboard (such as inviting friends, or sharing social media posts).  These rewards are usually in the form of box credits, discount vouchers, or other such redeemable offers.  They cannot be exchanged for cash, or refunded.

These offers can be withdrawn at any time, without warning.  You may also be restricted to a certain number of rewards in a specific period.

If something goes wrong ?

If something has gone wrong with your shipment, order, account, or payment method, you must let us know at the earliest opportunity.  We will provide full support to customers who engage with the appropriate processes for remedying unfortunate situations that arise.

We expect customers to maintain good password health.  This means using a unique password for us, and not sharing it with other people. We do not allow customers to store their card details for future subscriptions that have not been created.

We will refund any money if:

  • Our payment partner advises us to
  • There is suspected fraudulent behaviour on your payment account
  • Someone gains access to your account and places additional orders

However, we cannot refund you under these terms as an alternative to cancelling an order.  Claims of fraudulent account activity as a mechanism for bypassing our cancellation terms will result in termination of your subscription, and we will seek to recover any associated costs.

Leaving the club ?

You can leave the club at any time, in line with the cancellation policies.  You can do this by contacting us or using the self-service options in the account dashboard.  Once you’ve left the club, you will be able to join again in the future.

We can remove you from the club for any of the following reasons:

  • Broken the terms of your membership
  • Put us in a position where we might break the law
  • Knowingly used fraudulent payment details for an order
  • Attempted to circumvent cancellation or refund policies
  • Provided inaccurate or false information
  • Been abusive to any of our staff

Raising complaints ?

If you have a complaint, please contact us in the first instance. We will attempt to put things right.

If you remain unhappy, and your complaint relates to service delivery, you can raise a dispute via your card provider.  They will expect you to attempt to resolve the matter with us directly, in the first instance.

Making changes to these terms ?

The content of this agreement remains available via our website.

We will regularly review the terms, and make changes, which will be published with version history.  Changes to the terms will usually be communicated to members, where they change the meaning or underlying messages being conveyed.

Where changes to terms may impact service delivery, or change the agreement you provided when taking out your subscription, we will provide an email summary of changes. You will be provided with an opportunity to withdraw from the original agreement and terminate your subscription.